When I was younger, I thought my life’s aim was to understand this world.

Now I think, it is more specialized than that. The aim is to find beauty.

I am drawn towards people and things which seem beautiful to me. I am interested in exploring them. I spend most…

‘You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain’. — Harvey Dent

Something similar is happening with Whatsapp today. Its detractors are pointing fingers at Whatsapp for compromising user privacy, knowing full well that the concept of privacy in today’s world is a…

’Twas some dream I dreamt
Without rights or wrongs
Without fear, plight without
Sans surrender, sans fright
O gentle dream, comforting me
In the night of might
Stay, stay in my mind
Lest the morning of righteous fog
Obscure you out of sight.

Tomorrow dare not pollute
My dream, that…

Getting addicted to life

How can one get addicted to life? I think the most successful among us are able to find the sweet spot between their emotional and rational passions. That makes them addicted to life. Success never comes without consistent hard work. One cannot work hard consistently without motivation. Motivation will come…

Zafar Ansari

Engineer, reader, armchair thinker, wannabe philosopher

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